Vessi Shoes Review – Everyday Slip-On Feet

Today, I am going to introduce to you guys a brand that you might not have heard of, Vessi, a footwear brand from Canada. The Vessi Footwear sneakers are known to be a hundred percent waterproof. They are Canadian owned and operated located out of Vancouver. I have seen a lot of my friends pick up a pair of Vessi’s in the past few months. In this review for Vessi footwear, I am going to pick up a pair of the Everyday Slip-On model in “Orca Black”, and put it to the test.

Why Vessi Waterproof – Dyma-tex Technology

Let’s take a look at the upper of the shoe first. The shoe upper is pretty much where the magic happens. The entire upper of the Vessi sneaker is constructed using a very stretchy knit and being integrated within this knit is what Vesey Footwear called Dymatex. The Dyma-tex is Vessi’s patented technology which ensures that the shoe is gonna be a hundred percent waterproof.

At the same time, this slip-on Vessi is breathable from the inside. As a result, it is temperature regulating as well.

You might be curious about how this Dyma-tex technology works. From what I was able to gather is that they have developed this waterproof membrane. It has a ton of these little holes or pores throughout which are small enough that water droplets actually can’t seep through.

At the same time, though, all these pores are ensured that all the heat, the moisture, and all that nasty stuff from the inside will still be able to breathe through the inside of the shoe.

Stretchy Vessi for Easy Slip-In

The immediate front toe box of the shoe is like a pure block. We move on towards the back of the shoe. you can see that the knit has a bit of a quilted look to it. You will see these white threads especially as you moved towards the back of the shoe. They are done in the hexagon shape. Therefore, getting inside and outside of the shoe is gonna be pretty easy.

The collar area of the shoe is very very stretchy so you won’t have problems getting the foot in and out of the sneaker.

As I pull out the insoles, the entire insole is lined in black and it is decently well padded. It is not the thickest insole that I have ever seen. However, it is not paper-thin either. The upper of these shoes sit atop this foam midsole.

Other Key Features of Vessi Slip-On

As the name of the shoe suggests, this is a slip-on model and with this Orca black colorway specifically, the entire shoe is done in black and white. Vessi Everyday Slip-on is entirely done in white. It is a little bit sculpted giving it a bit more of a dynamic look to it.

On the very back of the shoe, we have the Vessi branding. We turn it to the bottom and check the outsole. The bottom is done in a combination of exposed foam and rubber overlays.

The exposed foam, of course, is the white portions. We have overlays of rubber both on the forefoot and on the bottom heel.

The traction pattern on this shoe is decent. it is a herringbone traction pattern. While I wouldn’t recommend running on ice in them. for example, I personally didn’t feel like I was gonna slip at any point when I wore these in the rain. I think they did a pretty solid job overall.

Vessi Has NO Half Sizing

In terms of sizing, my feet measure as a true size 10, slightly on the wider side. I got these in a size 10 on their website. They recommend taking true to size. Overall I would pretty much agree with that statement.

The upper of the shoe is very stretchy, very flexible and it will form to your feet. While I feel like there were a little bit long from a length perspective. The shoe fits being with a sock-like fit true to size was perfectly fine.

Unfortunately, for those of you guys who are in between sizes, Vessi only sells in full sizes. For example, there is 8, 9 and 10 in size, but there is no eight and a half nine and a half ten and a half and so on.

On Vessi’s website, they recommend going up to the next full-size. For example, if you are a nine and a half, they would recommend going up to the size 10. In my opinion, though I think that you might be able to get away with going down a half-size.

I am a true size 10. For me, there was a bit of extra space in the toe box, just a bit more than the width of my thumb.

Because this is a sock-like fit, I didn’t really notice too much of that dead space. If you do prefer more of a snug and lockdown fit where your toes are pretty much right at the edge, then I would probably recommend going down the half next up from a comfort standpoint.

Vessi Shoes Very Comfortable for Daily Wearing

Vessi’s Everyday Slip-On shoes are actually pretty comfortable. They are very very lightweight. To my surprise, the foam that they use for the midsole is actually pretty soft, pretty bouncy especially underneath the heel.

While it is not gonna be winning any awards in terms of a performance standpoint. For just everyday casual use, these guys feel great. In my opinion, there is zero complaints.

Final Touch

Last but not at least, the million-dollar question is these are actually 100% waterproof. I got to tell you guys, yes, they are so whether I wore these in the rain, whether I jumped in puddles or whether as you will see in a bit I dumped a bucket of water on the shoes. In all cases, my socks and my feet ended up coming out dry.

Of course, the shoe being waterproof is dependent on you not snagging cutting or ruining the membrane of the upper. But for me, I am not gonna be skateboarding or rock climbing in these. so I suspect they are gonna stay waterproof for a long long time.

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