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For people who have played basketball one way or the other would have known the difference between playing indoor and outdoor. There are huge lines that separate these two from each other. The floor of an indoor basketball court is made from hardwood, and other things within the court such as air conditioning, stable forces, stable temperature, etc. These are the things one is likely to experience when they play indoor basketball.

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In outdoor basketball, this is quite different from indoor basketball in terms of the floor. The floor of an outdoor basketball court can be made up of rubber compounds to give it a synthetic feeling, or it could be painted concrete. Most people, who want to pick a career in basketball, will prefer playing this sport outdoors. This requires one to get an ideal outdoor basketball shoe. Buying the right shoe for this outdoor basketball is important to have enough support and protection for the feet.

This kind of basketball is filled with lots of thrilling excitement but is being played on hard court surfaces. This is the reason an outdoor basketball shoe will help in ensuring a firm grip from injury and give the basketball player maximum confidence during basketball games. There are different types of outdoor basketball shoes available for buyers with numerous tastes, and it is required to know the right criteria to check in buying this shoe.

Advantages of Wearing Outdoor Basketball Shoes

The following are the benefits of wearing outdoor basketball shoes and here they are:

1.     Firm support:

The floor of the outdoor basketball court is made up of hard surfaces such as concrete and painted rubber. The outdoor basketball shoe protects the basketball player from sliding down when playing on the court, and this helps to avoid dislocation or bone fracture.

2.     Strong Grip:

The quality of a good outdoor basketball shoe is gripping of the floor. Therefore, no matter the distance covered on the court the player will be able to have balance running on the court.

3.     Lightweight:

The essence of wearing an outdoor basketball shoe is to have the ability to jump up when you want to carry out a perfect slam. The shoe has been manufactured in a way they don’t add extra weight to the basketball player.

Apart from this, the features are very essential for anyone who wants to buy a proper outdoor basketball shoe. It is good for one to buy a shoe that can offer comfort, support, and durability to protect the feet from rough terrain. The features you are going to see in this article will make you know the type of shoe to buy.

Features to Consider in Buying an Outdoor Basketball Shoe

The following are the features to look out for when buying any kind of outdoor basketball shoe in the market:

  • Breathability
  • Cushioning
  • Tread pattern
  • Sole

1.     Breathability:

This has been made obtainable by the uppers in the outdoor basketball shoe. The material used in manufacturing the upper makes it easier for the wearer to provide enough ventilation to the feet even when the player is playing on sunny weather or condition.

2.     Cushioning:

At the beginning of this article, we came across indoor basketball courts made up of wood. A good outdoor basketball shoe should be able to offer enough cushioning when you are jumping and running on the basketball court. If there is enough cushioning on the shoe, it will reduce the impact or affect the wearer when making frequent movements on the concrete floor, and this makes landing easier on the hard floor.

3.     Tread Pattern:

Based on the reason you will be playing on an outdoor basketball court, you have to buy shoe with a solid tread pattern. When the tread pattern comes with a smaller groove, the shoe will be easier to attract debris, and this can lead to discomfort and reduces traction. Therefore, it is better to buy a wide set groove to make the debris easy to clean when they are stuck in between the treads.

4.     Sole:

The sole should be quality enough to withstand rugged terrain. If a basketball player buys an outdoor basketball shoe that the sole is not hard, it will lead to fast wear and tear of the shoe. This is the reason the sole of the shoe needs to be checked properly for it to last for a longer duration. The outdoor basketball sole deals with several textures, while the indoor sole deals with only polished hardwood. We are going to see the different outdoor basketball shoes.

Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes

The following are the best outdoor basketball shoes, and here they are:

1.     Nike Men’s Lebron Outdoor Basketball Shoe:

These Lebron outdoor basketball shoe has a lightweight and allows good breathability in order to make the foot have enough ventilation when playing inside the court. They have an easy lace-up that can be adjusted and make the wearer feel comfortable. It has been designed using an innovative Zoom Air LEAP system by the manufacturer (Nike). The shoe has the ability to manoeuvre on outdoor terrains or rough surfaces.

There is a sleek upper design on this shoe to offer speed while running on the basketball court. The Lebron soldier shoe offers maximum support to the wearer’s ankle to avoid injury during a basketball game. There are also Flywire cables to provide stability where you want it due to the presence of a heel counter to make sure the feet are in their actual position on the basketball court.


  • Sleek design
  • High top shoes
  • Lightweight
  • Responsive bounce sole
  • Breathable upper

2.     Nike’s Men’s Lebron 17 Outdoor Basketball Shoe:

Outdoor basketball shoes manufactured by Nike were been specifically built for renowned basket ball player known as Lebron James. These are the largest kind of Nike shoes available in the market, and they can absorb shock more than any outdoor basketball shoes with lots of tractions. The minimum Zoom under the food provides very fast responsiveness in order to make basketball players perform well on the court. These outdoor shoes have been designed for swift- action.

On the other hand, it can also reduce fatigue and also injuries on the feet. The basketball player doesn’t have to bother about any inconvenience wearing this shoe. The Nike Air shoe comes with a wide fit to offer natural balance. There is a traditional tongue that allows it easy to wear and offer comfort on the feet. The adjustable lace allows for accurate fitting to the feet. The shoe has a soft foam pad cushioning that can be seen under the Nike Air Max to offer a cushion in the heel. The manufacturer went further in making use of clips in wrapping the foot to ensure firm grip during the basketball game.


  • Great quality
  • Incredibly supportive
  • Lock heel in place
  • Responsive cushioning

3.     Under Armour Men’s Lockdown Outdoor Basketball Shoe:

This shoe is suitable for the outdoor basketball court and it has a rubber sole with strong traction patterns. It provides a stronger grip to make sure the wearer has a strong balance and also move freely from one place to another with great speed. The shoe offers comfort that comes along with breathable sock liner that is light in weight to offer underfoot durability by maintaining cooler feet throughout the game.

The EVA midsole makes it a good choice for people to have enough traction on the court, and the heel counter keeps the foot in place for stronger stability. There is a synthetic leather upper that makes it look adorable both on and off the basketball court. The leather upper has been perforated in order to give breathability and ensure the feet are cool. The rubber outsoles provide good traction and keep the outdoor basketball shoe in good condition.


  • Great traction
  • Cushioned sockliner
  • Durable outsole
  • Supportive shoes

4.     Nike Zoom KD 12 Outdoor Basketball Shoe:

The Nike Zoom KD shoe is comfortable based on the breathable sock liner and the cushioned footbed. The outdoor basketball shoes have a lightweight sock liner that covers the Nike Air cushioning inside the footbed to offer a smooth feeling on the wearer’s feet. There is also a FlyKnit constructed tongue been designed to provide comfort and cover the upper part of the foot with padded foam.

The shoe is suitable for outdoor basketball court due to the rubber outsole providing great traction to maintain enough buoyancy on the court. Nike Zoom KD has a lightweight until it is durable to stay for a longer time frame. In addition to this, it has a way of giving fast speeds with fast movement in the court. The lace-up can be adjusted to offer a snug fit to the wearer’s feet. The good thing about these sneakers it can be worn by both men and women who need optimal performance during outdoor basketball games.


  • Good traction
  • Cushion footbed
  • Breathable sockliner
  • Lightweight mesh upper

5.     Under Armour Curry Outdoor Basketball Shoe:

If you are in search of sneakers to offer support on the court, you can buy this sneaker. It has been made with fibre shank to provide balance to the feet. With this outdoor basketball shoe, the player can move from one place to another. The lightweight shoe is good for outdoor games and can be worn for longer periods. It has a rubber sole that makes it durable to offer tractions during multiple movements. The wearer is going to get a stronger grip on outdoor terrains.

Under Armour shoe comes with a charged cushioning technology inside the footbed, and this makes it offer support and comfort every step of the way. There is no way you are going to mention sneakers, you won’t mention this one. They are specifically built for professional basketball players giving support, quality, and stylish design. Buyers have the opportunity of buying any colour of their choice.


  • Good quality
  • Great traction
  • Carbon fibre shank
  • Durable rubber outsole
  • Interior cushioning


These different outdoor basketball shoes have different features, styles, and prices. These differences allow buyers to have a wide buying option for this shoe in the market. It is better to buy an outdoor basketball shoe that will fit your playing style.

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