Nike Tanjun Shoes Review

What is Nike Tanjun?

Nike is a brand known all around the world for producing top of the line footwear for athletic and casual purposes. Their footwear and clothing are worn by most athletes around the world. The designers at Nike spend years trying to perfect every shoe design. This gives you a premium top of the line product that performs the way it is intended, be it for sports or everyday wear and tear.

With the same principles of durability and functionality in mind, Nike released the Tanjun. These have been named after the Japanese word for simplicity. Offering a minimalistic black and white look, the Nike Tanjuns are perfect for both sports and casual wear. In addition, their streamlined design offers them an understated look. This helps them blend in with almost every outfit that you might own. They have been made from breathable fabric on the upper body which offers a comfortable fit while ensuring that your feet stay dry during long periods of use.

The Nike Tanjun is available for both men and women, let’s take a look at each one of them.

Nike Tanjun Black/White, 12

Firstly we have the Nike Tanjuns for men that come in a minimalistic black and white design. This offers them an understated yet classy look. Made from 100% synthetic materials, the Nike Tanjun has been designed with simplicity and comfort in mind. Their all-around feet embracing design helps them provide adequate support to your toes and heel. This ensures that they provide enough room for movement for every kind of active situation. The rubber sole at the bottom has been grooved using a proprietary design. This provides it with exceptional grip even on wet surfaces. It also ensures that you never lose your grip no matter where you are, be it poolside or in a muddy slippery area.

The breathable texture at the top helps keep your feet dry in moist and humid conditions. The Foam midsole provides it with much-needed durability. In addition to this, the foam sole is extremely lightweight which not only puts less strain on your calves but also provides you with added cushioning. The Nike Tanjun is an excellent choice for active people looking for a simplistic and durable shoe.

Nike Women’s Trainers Running Shoes

The Nike Tanjuns for women has been constructed specifically for exceptional comfort. It comes in a minimalistic design package. Their curved design gives them great aesthetics. In addition, it also helps provide you with additional support to the inner side of your foot. Available in over 21 different designs including one that is inspired by a sandal for a more active lifestyle while providing exceptional styling, the Nike Tanjuns for women provide you with exceptional variety and functionality in a small and minimalistic package.

Unlike Nike Tanjun for Men, the women’s version is constructed from leather and synthetic materials for an added layer of comfort while maintaining the same amount of breathability through the fabric. Its rubber sole has been designed to provide exceptional grip on all surfaces which will give you a significant advantage in sports like running or parkour. Hence, the Nike Tanjun for Women is a great choice for you if you are looking for a shoe that you can accompany you everywhere, be it the grocery store or the basketball court. The Nike Tanjun will never fail you and always provide exceptional grip and comfort in every possible situation.


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