New Balance 990 Shoes Review

Founded in the year 1906, New Balance has always strived to deliver the best of products to its consumers. From athletic clothing to footwear, the company delivers trustworthy products of different categories to both females and males. They also offer products specific to different sports, most of which deliver quality that can only be strived for, by other companies out there.

This article aims to give you a comprehensive review of two of the shoes in the men’s running shoes, New Balance 990V4 and 990V5, to help you make a choice without hassle.

Comparison Chart of Top Selling NewBalance 990V4 Shoes

Comparison Chart of Top Selling NewBalance 990V5 Shoes

New Balance Men’s Made 990 V4

Although the product was launched by New Balance in 2013, these shoes have managed to stay on the steady seller list to date. Ranked #38 in the Men’s Running shoe category on Amazon, the Men’s 990v4 is part of the Made in the USA series. With a rubber sole of an average thickness of an inch having moderate grooves, the shoes are as comfortable as they are sturdy. The uppers of the shoes are made of breathable fibers with a combination of leather overlays, ensuring maximum comfort for the user at all times.

Another feature that seals the deal on these shoes is the usage of the ENCAP technology that is an ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) midsole that is rimmed with tough polyurethane. This feature of the shoe makes the pair all the more comfortable, and durable at the same time. The shoes provide adequate ankle support, with the arch qualifying as a low top, which is also an added advantage as the shoe can also be used to play casual games of basketball or football. (For playing the games seriously, invest in shoes that have extensive ankle support).

It is needless to say that for the price they are being sold in, these shoes are definitely a steal, for they are sure to last long as well.

New Balance Men’s Made 990 V5 Sneaker

Being a much more recent addition to the Men’s 990 series of New Balance, these made their debut (online) shelf appearance earlier this year, in May 2020. With a timeless design that is sure to appear modern any time in the next few decades, the shoes are available in many dark colors, the stereotypical colors designated for men. Being a worthy replacement of the 990v4 that was loved by the users, these shoes have completely won the previous v4 owners over.

These shoes, like the v4’s, are also a low top reaching the shoe, but with limited colors as compared to its predecessor. The shoes have a blown rubber outsole with an average thickness of an inch (much like its predecessor) with an insole having the ENCAP technology. However, one difference between the v4’s and the v5’s is the difference in the branding of the cushioning insert. The v5’s come with the brand of Ortholite, while the v4’s come with the branding of New Balance itself.

The uppers of the shoes, like most shoes, are breathable and have leather overlays which also act as accents, thereby increasing the visual value of the shoes.

Needless to say, these shoes are as good as the v4’s, if not better.

In a nutshell, both these shoes are a good investment to make, if you’re considering buying a new pair of shoes.

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