Best Wide Basketball Shoes Review and Buyers Guide

It is not easy for people with wide feet to find a wide basketball shoe. At times they get to find one, but along the line, they don’t seem to enjoy the basketball shoe they have bought. This is an ordeal that happens to basketball players with wide feet. This has made it look as if people with wide feet are on another planet of theirs. Apart from finding a wide feet basketball shoe, getting the right one with proper arch support is another problem on its own.

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Basketball is a kind of sport where they have giant people with wide feet. Therefore, you don’t have to be surprised if you see them wearing wide basketball shoes. This sport involves height since the basket is high up, and it is mainly for tall people from 6ft and above. Although short people also participate in this sport and a typical example is Allen Iverson.

Getting a basketball shoe requires the right knowledge to buy it. Without knowing the things or features to look out for, one will buy counterfeit one that won’t offer comfort. It is easy to find a wide basketball shoe for wide feet if you are aware of this feature. In this article, you will be able to find the method of buying a wide basketball shoe with durability and comfort. There are people who have been feeling sad due to their wide feet, and this is the reason for this article.

Wide basketball shoe comes in various colours, and they are being made by different manufacturers. The materials used in providing one can be quite different from the others. The thing is to find the right one within your budget that offers quality and affordability. People with wide feet can still find basketball shoes that make them feel comfortable with finely tuned features. Let’s see problems associating with wide feet.

Problems Associating with Wide Feet

People with wide feet seem to have a problem when they wear their basketball shoe, and these are some of the problems:

  • Bunions
  • Flat feet
  • Corns
  • Genetics

1.     Bunions:

This is one of the feet problems that are common with people with wide feet. When a basketball shoe doesn’t fit well, it becomes a big issue. If a basketball player wears shoes that are extremely so tight, there can be bunions appearing on the feet. This is very painful with an ugly surface. For this reason, it is better for anyone with wide feet to know how to buy a basketball shoe with the right size and fitting to avoid having bunions. These bunions are surgically removed if they are extremely big.

2.     Flat Feet:

People with wide feet do have flat feet and this can hurt badly. The pain gotten from flat feet is exacerbated if a tight basketball shoe is being worn for a very long time. Therefore, if you have flat feet, you need to buy the correct basketball shoe that will fit into your feet and offer comfort too. The shoe should be wide enough to take the shape of your feet to eliminate pain.

3.     Corns:

This is another disgusting and repulsive feet problem. This might not ignite excruciating pain like other feet problems, but at the same time, it is not something people with wide feet will like to have on their feet. The most important way to prevent this from happening is buying a wide basketball shoe. Wearing a tight shoe has a huge percentage of bringing corns to the feet.

4.     Genetics:

This is another problem for having wide feet as a basketball player. Genetics has a big role for people to have wide foot. There is a tendency for people whose parents either father or mother has wide feet, and at times it is both parents with wide feet. This gene of wide feet will be transmitted to the offspring (child or children). Without wasting so much time, let’s get to know this best basketball shoe for wide feet.

Best Wide Basketball Shoes

It can be difficult to find a wide basketball shoe that will fit well. Most basketball sneakers have a narrow shape that makes it difficult for people with wide feet to wear. In order to make sure you buy a good fitting basketball shoe to prevent blisters, and corns on the feet, these are the following ones that are recommended for you:

1.     Adidas Men’s Cloudfoam Wide Basketball Shoe:

This wide basketball shoe comes with a high-class top design from the arch. There are three customized logos like stripes on either side of the sneakers. The rear, tongue, and the collar have meshed in a way they add breathability and comfort to the wearer. These features have been made possible by the manufacturer of the product. The midsole offer soft cushioning and lightweight when wearing the shoe.

It has also been incorporated with a universal design to make it durable. There is a memory foam that has been used in manufacturing the shoe. Buyers are going to enjoy the ankle support on the shoe that enables the free and easy movement from place to another based on the mid-cut design of the Adidas Man’s Cloudfoam wide basketball shoe. The leather used in producing the upper allows breathability thought the perforated holes.


  • High quality with affordable price
  • Fairly accurate sizing
  • Stylish and unique
  • Soft, breathability and comfortable

2.     Reebok Men’s Royal Wide Basketball Shoe:

This has been built with an elegance that can also offer space for wide feet, and for this reason, it has been termed fashion sneaker. In addition to this, it can be used on a basketball court. The way it has been designed allows for an all-round level of robust reinforcements through the outer covering. The flat outsole provides comfort for anyone who is having wide feet. This, in turn, helps to reduce the pressure on the foot.

The mesh on the Reebok Men’s royal wide basketball shoe provides proper lockdown and extensions for the wearer. There is synthetic side-by-side support around the ankle region to reduce area movement. The high top model of the shoe helps to counter unwanted friction from the shoe. The insertion points are made up of different features such as padding, flex-grip, and others. The reinforcement wind makes the shoe become durable and strong to withstand wear and tear.


  • Strong constriction due to reinforcement at every point
  • Side-by-side supports to aid proper footing for the wearer
  • Flat outsoles to reduce the rate of pushing and pulling on feet

3.     Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Wide Basketball Shoe:

This model of Adidas comes with explosive features. It has been designed in a way for people with wide feet to enjoy comfort. They are being made from two materials – synthetic materials and textiles. The design used for building the shoe gives a high level of ankle support and also shock absorption inside the outsole. It is possible to lace up the shoe at the insertion point and this helps in creating a strong grip around the shoe.

Furthermore, there is a thin synthetic tongue in the shoe that allows side-by-side ankle support to give a firm grip on the wearer’s feet. This technique used in this shoe gives strong fastening and also reduces slippage and inner movement. The presence of the insole boosts cushioning, and also allows the wearer to take it up from the feet without waiting for anyone to offer extra effort. The tiny material used keeps the feet warm and comfortable.

The rubber sole is somewhat transparent and makes it appear top notch. This makes the wide basketball shoe exceptional from others. The arched design on the shoe gives a fitting shape to wide feet. The outsole is responsive and this implies the user will get fast traction when they want to push off. The back of the outsole comes with gel-like balls to reduce on-contact pressure, and also allows the wearer to have explosive push-offs during the agile movement. The good thing about this the weight of the shoe is light for easy movement.


  • The wide basketball shoe is responsive
  • Awesome technology to give high push-off
  • Ankles are well secured and locked through the upper wrap
  • Presence of outsole slows pressure and absorb shock

4.     Adidas Men’s 8Wide Basketball Shoe:

If you have wide feet and you enjoy playing basketball, this Adidas shoe is for you. The materials used in manufacturing the shoe are both textiles and synthetic materials. The synthetic helps to make it has lightweight for extra comfort. The inner sole is made of textile offer smooth and cooling sensation. The outer sole is 100% rubber, and this shows it is going to last for a longer period of time.

They have also been built to increase the moving speed of basket players. The shoe has enough space to accommodate wide feet for anyone. The torsion system design is very effective in offering stability that a person wants, and it comes in ranging of colours to attract fans during basketball games.


  • Durable and robust
  • Super colours
  • Plenty of space
  • Nicely manufactured
  • Firm support and grip
  • Abundance of space for wide feet

5.     Under Armour Men’s UA Clutchfit Wide Basketball Shoes:

This is another shoe for people having wide feet but it is an improved version based on the clutchfit technology. This feature has given the shoe a high advantage over other wide basketball shoes. The shoe can be compared like a skin based on the way it is being wrapped over the feet. This is the reason some people call it a second skin, and this allows for traction. The traction on the wide basketball shoe increases the playability that can make any basketball player have superb performance. The charged cushioning of the midsole will give improved fitting. This is great for absorbing shock and thereby, creating room for comfort.


  • Excellent traction
  • The fitting of the shoe is superb
  • Rooms for breathability through the perforated holes


The wide basketball shoe is the best for people with wide feet to avoid corns, blisters, bunions, and other injuries one can get from wearing tight basketball sneakers. This article has been able to throw more light into acquiring the right basketball shoe if you have a wide foot.

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