Best Soccer Turf Shoes

Do you know as the day unfolds, that there are new soccer turf shoes entering into the markets? The soccer world has developed or transformed to a point whereby an advanced synthetic turf is being used. This is the major reason you need to acquire soccer turf shoes to offer support and comfort on the soccer pitch. It is important for this soccer turf shoe to offer a firm grip on the pitch. Presently, soccer players are trying to go along with this current trend that is available regarding soccer turf shoes.

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The way the soccer turfs are being built has been transformed. Therefore, soccer players need to buy a well-designed soccer turf shoe. In other words, there is no crime in buying a soccer turf shoe that will enable you to feel comfortable on the football pitch. When the soccer turf shoe is not durable enough, it will lead to serious injuries. There are several soccer players who have gotten severe injuries for many months. In order to prevent this ugly scenario from occurring, one needs to get a soccer turf shoe with enough features.

In getting a quality soccer turf shoe, education is the major key. Soccer players need to know the one that is going to give fit perfectly on the soccer pitch. Normally, there are always two sides to a coin. It is one thing to have the money in buying this soccer turf shoe, and it is another thing to know the features to consider before buying any of this soccer turf shoe. In this article, we are going to see the reason for buying soccer turf shoes.

Why Choose Soccer Turf Shoes?

It is wise for soccer players to know the kind of turf they will be playing. When a player knows the kind of soccer turf, they will be able to know the kind of soccer turf shoe to wear. For instance, a soccer turf with long studs is ideal for soft soccer grounds. The reason for wearing this long stud is due to the deep penetration into the ground and also gives the player maximum balance. The soccer player can run from one end to the other and still have a firm grip on the soccer turf.

If these long studs are good for soft grounds, they are not ideal for artificial turf. There is a probability the soccer player is going to slide down during any soccer match. On the other hand, a soccer turf shoe that has been designed for a particular soccer turf won’t be effective on another soccer turf. It is good to identify the soccer ground to know the kind of soccer shoe (boot) to wear. The following are reasons for buying an ideal soccer turf shoe, and here they are:

  • For firm grip during a soccer match
  • Excellent traction for the rough soccer pitch
  • Provide optimal balance for the soccer players
  • Fight against injuries and dislocation

Vital Parts of a Soccer Turf Shoe

The following are the important parts to check out in a soccer turf shoe:

1.     The Upper:

This is the top of a soccer boot, and there are patterns that come with it – laced and lace-less options. The upper is important because it affects the pass, shot, and different kinds of touches on the ball. At times, the upper is being constructed using a mesh layer to keep the feet always fresh and dry.

2.     The Collar:

Most of these soccer turf shoes, the collar is being designed in a way to offer provide ankle support for the wearer. Soccer players have two options to choose regarding the collar of a soccer turf shoe either mid-cut or low-cut collar. The only difference is the latter offers more free movement compared to the former.

3.     Outsole:

The outsole is another part of the soccer turf shoe because it offers traction on the soccer pitch. There are studs or cleats designed to suit any soccer turf or surface. You need to check the outsole of the soccer turf shoe.

4.     Heel Counter:

If you want to enjoy maximum comfort on the soccer pitch, there is no way you won’t consider checking the heel counter. This offers maximum comfort to the ankle of the wearer. With this heel counter, the soccer player is certain to have pleasure on the pitch and also with the ball.

5.     Insole:

There is another name the insole of a soccer turf shoe can be called, and this is ‘sock-liner’. This can be found inside the soccer boot, and it plays a vital role in cushioning the bottom of the soccer boot. This can be attached to the shoe internally, and can also be taken removed.

6.     Midsole:

The midsole is being added to the outer surface of the soccer boot to add more cushioning. The midsole offers extra stability and comfort to the soccer player.

7.     Vamp:

This is part that gets to touch the football during a soccer match. The vamp is a two-way thing that can either be knitted or stitched to the soccer turf shoe.

Basic Things to Check in Buying Soccer Turf Shoes

The following are features to check when buying turf soccer shoes, and here they are:

  • Fit
  • Weight
  • Number of studs
  • Size
  • Type of studs
  • Price
  • Ankle height

1.     Fit:

Among all the features to check out for when buying a soccer turf shoe, Fit is the most important one. It is essential to check the size of the soccer boot if you want to ensure comfort playing on the soccer pitch. There are two ways of checking to know either soccer turf shoe is the right match, or this can be done by using the toe and heel region. It will be quite unfortunate to wear tight soccer turf shoes because there are high chances the player is going to have blisters on his or her toes.

2.     Weight:

The weight of a soccer turf determines the quick and agile movement for any soccer player on the pitch. It is best advisable for the player to buy a lightweight soccer boot that will enable rapid movement running on the pitch. Wearing a heavy soccer boot slows down the player on the pitch, and also on taking counter-attacks against an opponent.

3.     Number of Studs:

The number of studs acts as a determining factor on the gripping of the shoe. The more studs on the shoe, the more grips the soccer boot tends to have on any soccer pitch. This will further help the player to maintain optimal stability and balance during a soccer match.

4.     Size:

There are situations that these soccer turf shoes come in narrow sizes. If a soccer player buys the one that comes with narrow sizes, it will be painful to the feet. In this scenario, the best thing to do is to get the right size in order to eliminate any injury.

5.     Type of Studs:

You need to get the right type of stud to offer the right traction on the football pitch. For any soccer player, short rubber studs are good on artificial playing turfs. On the other hand, long studs are good for soft playing turfs.

6.     Price:

Buying a soccer turf shoe comes at different prices in the market. There are also counterfeit ones available too, but it is better to differentiate between quality and affordability. You need to buy a quality one within your budget to serve you well.

7.     Ankle height:

The height of a soccer boot is important for any soccer player who wants to have a good time on the pitch. High-cut soccer boots reduce the movement of the player from unwanted friction. Mid-cut boots offer free movement compared to high-cut, and most of these soccer turf shoes are usually low-ankle boots.

Best Soccer Turf Shoes

The following are the best soccer turf shoes, and here they are:

1.     Adidas Performance Mundial Soccer Turf Shoe:

This soccer turf shoes have been designed to fit different kinds of playing turfs. It is being built for huge comfort in the field of play. The design of this boot eliminates injuries that are likely to happen during soccer matches. The boot is made from 100% leather and comes with good traction and quality. It is even ideal for intense soccer games. It has a soft inner lining to keep the feet safe and secure from dangers. The studs under this boot allow for a firmer grip on hard soccer-playing turf.


  • Highly responsive design
  • Premium leather construction
  • Resistance to wear and tear
  • Insole and midsole for cushioning
  • Designed to avoid injuries



2.     Nike Tiempo Legend Soccer Turf Shoe:

The leather used in manufacturing this boot is being derived from the calf’s skin. This leather has contributed to the total control of the ball on the pitch. Every soccer player requires this kind of boot if they are in search of having full control of the ball. The rubber studs under the boot allow for immense traction even on a synthetic pitch, and the construction of the soccer turf shoe comes with a sophisticated frame for the wearer.


  • Leather made from calfskin
  • Additional cushioning to the wearer’s feet
  • Allows for total control of the football

3.     Adidas Men’s X Tango Soccer Turf Shoe:

It has a soft construction that makes it has lightweight. The soccer player is going to get good stability during the football match because it is going to add grip on the feet. This soccer turf shoe has a light-dual mesh upper that has been designed to allow flexibility during game movement. The presence of full-length EVA midsole gives awesome cushioning to stabilize movement on the soccer pitch.


  • Increased flexibility
  • Dual-layer meshed upper
  • EVA midsole for cushioning
  • Lightweight

4.     PUMA MEN’s Future 2.3 Soccer Turf Shoe:

The PUMA MEN comes in an appealing design, and the construction of the boot makes it easy for maximum comfort. They have been equipped with EVO power construction for the wearer’s feet. It is going to surprise you to know the evoPower shin guards serve as light protectors. There is a lace that can be easily adjusted to fit in well. The outsole is flexible to allow the soccer player to play on different kinds of soccer turf.


  • Customizable fit
  • Lightweight
  • Built for superior performance
  • Additional spandex ankle sock for comfort


Soccer turf shoes come with different features that require a soccer player to go through it carefully before making a move to buy them. You need to buy the right size that will allow easier flexibility on the soccer pitch, and the right size to avoid blisters.

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