Best Shoes to Wear for Broomball

play broomball shoeBroomball Shoes are specially used for Broomball game, a recreational ice game which is believed to originate from Canada. At present, Broomball game is gaining a lot of attention. The first ever recorded game of broomball happened in Perdue, Saskatchewan in North American on March 5, 1909. But Canadians claimed that it came from the locals of Massey, Ontario. It was also played on large football fields of the country in the 1890s. However, it was only on the 1960s that Broomball was played in the United States. The state of Minnesota was the first one that embraced this ice game. In the 1980’s, organized Broomball games were held in Japan, Italy, Switzerland, Sweden, Australia, and Germany.

The game is played with a ball and broom dipped in rubber. The moves and tactics employed in the game are almost similar to ice hockey, floorball, and roller hockey. Thus, the need to have the best broomball shoes that will offer strong resistance against the slippery ice floor.

The best pair of broomball shoes offers great comfort, stability, protection, and flexibility no matter how long you are playing. It is therefore important for you to find the perfect fit that will enhance your performance during the game.

To help you with your search for the best broomball shoes, we reviewed the most popular ones based on durability, quality, affordability, and performance ability.

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ACACIA Grip-Inator Broomball Shoes, Gray/Black/Gray, 10 Buy On Amazon
Nike Men's NIKE AIR MONARCH IV (4E) RUNNING SHOES -11.5; White / Metallic Silver-Midnight Navy Buy On Amazon
ACACIA Spider-Gel Pro Broomball Shoes, Gray/Black/Orange, 3 Buy On Amazon

The Top 3 of Best Broomball Shoes in 2019

ACACIA Grip-Inator Broomball Shoes, Gray/Black/Gray, 10

Number one on the list is the ACACIA Grip-Inator Broomball Shoes. These lightweight shoes are designed to provide comfort and durability. The polished full-grain Pergo leather has moisture-wicking nylon mesh provides breathability which keeps your feet cool all throughout the game.

The full arch breathable Abrasion Resistant Linings and Dynamic Suspension System further support the Anti-Fatigue technology. The midsole has lightweight foam which acts as a cushion to protect the feet from forceful impact. To protect the front and back of the feet, ACACIA Grip-Inator features an Anti-Shock Heel Counter with safety toe cap.

Moreover, these shoes utilize the innovative Spider Gel Technology which guarantees extreme slip resistance against the ice. The round mini-nubs on the bottom offers superior traction.

This versatile shoes can be used both in indoor and outdoor rinks. In fact, it is the only indoor/outdoor broomball shoes that are available in the market. If you want to play like a pro, these shoes are best for you.

You can also use them for ice fishing, Sponge Hockey, and other ice sports.

ACACIA Cruzr Broomball Shoes, Black/Gray/Black, 13

Next on the list is another quality product from ACACIA, the Cruzr Broomball Shoes. This pair of shoes holds the record for being the fastest and the lightest Broomball shoes in the market today.

It uses an advanced ultra-soft gel foam material that provides a premium grip during the game. It allows the player to sprint comfortably and gains total control of their movements in the field. The thin, long nubs which are placed in a circular pattern on the sole of these shoes offers full protection while moving around the ice.

The dual thermal padded and waterproof nylon upper keeps the players warm and dry. While the waterproof nylon exterior part of the shoes amplifies its stability and durability.

Curzr is perfect for players who want speed and flexibility.

ACACIA Cruzr Broomball Shoes, Black/Gray/Orange, 3

Striking in its own merit is another product of ACACIA, the orange version of the Cruzr Broomball Shoes. As the lightest shoes available in the market, Cruzr is a real winner. The ultra-soft Gel Foam technology that it used offer super grip during an indoor game. It protects the player from slipping unexpectedly which can cause abrasion and spraint. This product provides full protection with this latex gel.

The dual thermal and waterproof nylon uppers which are padded offer warmth to the feet. They also ensure dryness that keeps foul odor and bacteria away. The outer part of Cruzr shoes is made of waterproof nylon material which promises durability and longevity.

Why Do You need to Wear Proper Broomball Shoes?

broomball shoes goodPlayers run after the ball across the slippery ice. Thus, the importance of choosing the best broomball shoes to ensure safety and ultimate enjoyment. Even if you are a beginner or a professional broomball player, the perfect shoes are your important gears.

Wearing the appropriate shoes is as important as dressing up to play this ice game.

First, consider your safety. You will be playing on hard ice and falling could be dangerous if you are not wearing the right shoes. Dress up appropriately with comfortable and warm gears from top to bottom.

Next, the right pair will keep you from sliding and slipping down the ice. Broomball shoes have special soles with maximum grip component that keep your feet stable while moving around. You can keep and make strong stance while competing in the rink.

Finally, the perfect shoes will make your feet extra comfortable. A good fit will also give your ankle optimum support. It should be not too tight especially in the front area. When fitting the shoes, check if your toes can move easily inside. If you usually wear two socks when playing broomball, you may need shoes that are a bit larger than your size. They should be firm and do not cause pinching sensations.

Take your time selecting the right pair.

If you are playing indoors, you need broomball shoes that will help you handle the challenge of the rink surface. Make sure to check the treads of the broomball shoes when you are choosing one. Do not compromise your safety by using inappropriate shoes. Investing in quality broomball shoes is vital. You can avoid a lot of accidents during the game which can be more expensive. In the long run, having the best broomball shoes is worth the money and effort of finding the perfect one.

And the right shoes will level up your performance during the game. So, why settle for less when you can have the best shoes!

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