Best Nike Running Shoes Comparison

“Good shoes take you good places” – Seo Min Hyun

Introduction – Nike Running Shoes

Nike Inc. is an American multinational company engaged in design, development, manufacturing, and marketing of footwear, apparel, and sports equipment and accessories. Since its inception in the year 1964, Nike has become the largest supplier of athletic shoes and apparel and a major manufacturer of sports equipment. They sell in over 185 countries and are synonymous with top-notch quality products. Nike running shoes rank among the best in the world.

Comparison Chart of Top Selling Best Nike Running Shoes for Men Amazon

Comparison Chart of Top Selling Best Nike Running Shoes for Women Amazon

How to Choose the Best Running Shoes for Men and Women

Before we get into the actual topic of how to choose the best running shoes, it is important that you first identify your running style or mechanics. This can be gauged from studying the wear pattern of the soles of your earlier shoes. These can be classified as Pronation, Over-pronation, Supination (also called under-pronation) and Barefoot or Minimalist running.

Based on the style of running you can choose the types of running shoes that will suit your style of running. These can be classified as Neutral Shoes, Super cushioned shoes, Stability shoes, Motion Control shoes, Barefoot shoes, and Minimalist shoes.

There are certain basic characteristics that a running shoe should possess. These are…

Good Fit

A perfect running shoe should fit your feet like a sock without allowing movement of the feet. However, it should not be tight that you feel the pressure on your feet.


Good cushioning should be provided so that it can absorb the impact of the feet thudding on the surface. This prevents injuries to the feet and joints. The technology available now provides for excellent cushioning thus providing greater comfort.


If a shoe is not designed for stability, it gives stress to the ankle and in the long run, may damage the ankle. Even a small increase in the height of the heel would upset the stability of the shoe.


The front of the shoe should be flexible enough for the runner to push off with the ball of his feet. This will help him to generate pace while running.


Shoes generate sweat. If the sweat is not dissipated fast the feet heat up and you risk bacterial and fungal infection. Good breathability is a must to avoid such occurrences.

The Weight

The lighter the shoe the better, but to make the shoe lighter the other aspects like cushioning, flexibility and stability should not be sacrificed.

The most important running gear is the shoe. While making a judgment about the best shoes from Nike for men and women all the above factors have to be taken into consideration. Nike has over the years introduced technology that has taken care of these factors and offers near-perfect products. But no one shoe is perfect for everyone. This depends on the weight of the individual, the way he or she runs and how much pressure is put on the feet and where the pressure is applied while running.

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