Best Gym Shoes for Wide Flat Feet

Our feet do much more than getting us from one place to another. They help us to stand, walk and run to different places, and in doing so, they absorb shock and support the entire body by maintaining the balance and alignment.

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Based on the arches on the inside of our feet, we can classify our feet into three common types.

  1.  Medium Arch Foot: This is a biomechanically efficient foot less prone to foot problems.
  2.  High Arch Foot: Here, the arch goes much deeper and poses problems like foot stress and pain in the heel, plantar fascia, and strain in the arch and the ankle.
  3.  The Low Arch or Flat Foot: The arch is absent, and the whole foot is visible in a footprint.

These feet are less stable and stress easily with plantar fascia pain, spurs in the heels, discomfort in the knees, and formation of bunions in the connected tendons.

Wearing the correct footwear is the ideal solution to overcome this problem. In this article, we are going to discuss the Best Gym shoes available for people with wide flat feet.

Best Cross Training Gym Shoes for Flat Wide Feet Reviewed for 2020

We have done our own diligence to single out the following workout shoes working best for gyms as well as many other cross-training activities. We composed a brief review for each model so as to help users choose their favorite gym training shoes that can best comfort their flat or wide feet.

Reebok Women’s Nano 9 Cross Trainer

This is a gym shoe for ultimate performance and comfort from the world leaders in footwear products, Reebok. Specially designed for the CrossFit community, this pair of shoes are engineered to meet all your training needs.

The lightweight upper offers excellent flexibility to handle all the forceful moves made by the wearer. The midsole, with its extra cushioning, provides ample support during your training session and also for longer sprints and short runs.

The new Flexweave uppers are designed for vigorous workouts and are more flexible than the traditional Flexweave used in the earlier version. The midsole has been provided with additional cushioning and is designed to absorb the impact of the foot pounding the track during short sprints. The outsole is a combination of two outsoles that provide improved movement of the feet, especially the heel to toe movement.

A wide toe box is provided for greater comfort and to enable powerful movements. The added cushioning in the forefoot offers greater comfort while running. The Flexi grooves in the forefoot afford flexibility, and the low cut design adds greater mobility. Overall, this shoe provides greater stability during training and runs and is an excellent pair of shoes for those with wide feet.


The product is made from highly improved Flexweave Technology. The technology weaves fibers into a figure of 8 that creates a strong, flexible, and durable upper. The midsole is made of soft rubber.

Though the Nano 9 is slightly heavier than the earlier Nano 8, it is very versatile and flexible. The pair provides excellent stability both while using weights and while running. This is a great cross trainer for women with wide feet and has been widely recommended.

The shoes are available in sizes 5 to 11 and come in different color combination of black, white, silver, grey, blue, red, turquoise, fiery orange, sunglow, rosette, cobalt, etc.

New Balance Women’s FuelCore Nergize V1 Sneaker, SEA Salt/Black/Guava GLO, 8 D US

Nergize Balance impresses its users for its great comfort and support. The FuelCore NERGIZE training shoe features a modern sports style that is perfectly compatible with either home training or gyms workout.

The style is very versatile and is characterized by the slip-on design with the modern upper and the lace-up closure. This gives it a most modern look and goes well with a pair of jeans or other dresses.

This is top-rated workout footwear bringing great style and comfort. The lightweight of the shoe has caught the fancy of many users as it could be comfortable for use throughout the day. It is a slip-on and very easy to put on and remove.

The materials used in this product, especially the uppers, are known for their excellent breathability. This gives the user greater comfort. This product is best among workout shoes for women with wide feet.


The snug textile upper provides excellent flexibility and comfort. The midsole, which is made of REVlite, is well-cushioned as it is much lighter than the standard foams used by the manufacturer. The sole is made of top quality rubber. The pair comes with a comfort sole insert made of memory foam. The shoe is available in sizes 5.0 to 11.0 and comes in multiple color shades.

New Balance Men’s 608 V4 Casual Comfort Cross Trainer, White, 10 XW US

This is a wonderful product from New Balance that offers tremendous comfort and support on the cross-training. The footwear is made of premium leather and suede for durability.

The leather models are conservative in style and would go well with your casual clothes. The suede models are sporty and designed for those informal occasions and will suit your regular exercise schedule. The leather and suede uppers give exceptional durability to the shoes. The lugs, which are rubber soles with indentations, provide better traction and ensure better control over your balance as you work out.

The texturized lining and the padded mesh tongue gives excellent breathability and maintains the moisture within the shoe while you workout. This enhances its comfort. In addition to this, the ASICS designed perforations in the leather and suede uppers maximize the breathability.

The midsole component ABZORB provides proper cushioning and displacement of energy. The footwear also has a Phantom Liner, which distributes pressure evenly across the foot and enables it to fit perfectly. Support to the ankle is provided by the collar, which has both soft density foam and firm density foam for cushioning and support.

This also prevents irritation at the ankle.

The sole is made of ASICS high abrasion rubber. This is long-lasting and durable. Special EVA and IMEVA cushioning systems are provided for enhancing stability and for shock absorption.


These models come in sizes ranging from 5.0 to 18.0, and the shoe width has the following sizes: 2A -X-Narrow, B – Narrow, D – Standard, 2E – Wide, 4E – Extra Wide and 6E – XX wide. The New Balance Men’s Mx608v4 is the ideal choice for comfort, support, and perfect balance. These shoes are designed to improve your performance and also to help reduce pains like plantar fasciitis. They are approved by Medicare under Medicare Code 4550 for quality of materials, design, and for maintaining the American standards. These are among the best workout shoes for wide feet.

Final Touch

We hope our brief guide on the best gym shoes for flat feet is of help in letting you choose the shoe that’s just right for you. Have a great and comfortable workout.

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