Best Cleats for Ultimate Frisbee

Do you have specific cleats for the sport of Ultimate Frisbee? When you come to the athletes’ shoe market, you might not be able to find many design cleats that are solely for Ultimate Frisbee players. We noticed that most people wear either soccer or football cleats to play Ultimate Frisbee. Soccer cleats are totally fine as long as you can adapt yourself to play with.

In this article, we have done our hard work to bring you up the quality cleats. We give a brief review for each brand in perspective of key features, functionality, and comfort. Ultimately, we would like to help players choose their very best Ultimate Frisbee cleats without hassle.

Comparison of Best Selling Soccer Cleats for Ultimate Frisbee in 2020

Photo Title Buy
adidas Performance Men's MUNDIAL TEAM Athletic Shoe, black/white/red, 9 M US Buy On Amazon
D Power Men's Soccer Cleats (7 D(M) US, Yellow/Green) Buy On Amazon
Nike Men's Mercurial Victory IV FG Soccer Cleat Crimson/Volt/Black Size 6.5 M US Buy On Amazon

What is the Ultimate Frisbee?

The Ultimate Frisbee is a team sport that involves two teams of seven members each (A smaller team may be considered, so long as the number of players is equal on both sides). Each team has to chalk out a strategy and work with each other to pass the frisbee disc to the members of their own team without dropping it. The aim is to successfully pass the frisbee disc to the other end of the field without dropping it down even once or without being intercepted (by the opposing team).

When the game begins, the players begin tosses the disc into the air towards the side of the opponent. This throw is called the “pull”. Every time a team scores, the game stops. The scoring team remains in the end zone and takes on the position of the defensive team. Essentially, the teams have to swap the direction of the attack after each goal they score. Just like in American football, a puller should be in sync and communicate with his team members to ensure that the disc is not intercepted while trying to score. Ultimate Frisbee combines elements of American football, basketball, and soccer. It requires the players not only have good passing skills but also grace, power, and agility in an Ultimate Frisbee team.

What Type of Cleats is Best for Ultimate Frisbee?

Obviously, the Ultimate Frisbee is also a competitive game. If you plan to play it professionally, you need proper cleats for good performance. While players of Ultimate Frisbee can pick anything from lacrosse, football or soccer cleats, it is a good idea to pick football or soccer cleats. Football or soccer cleats are best suited for ultimate frisbee because they provide good traction. Thanks to the front toe studs.

If you are looking to purchase new Ultimate Frisbee cleats for the upcoming season, the three things that you would look for are our traction protection, how light the cleats are and how comfortable they would be over the course of a long tournament.

Traditional cleats are made of kangaroo leather, as they don’t need breaking in and are high on the comfort factor. However, these cleats are not waterproof. If you are looking for something more water-resistant, those made with durable synthetic fabrics are for a better choice.

Apart from the material, you will also have to keep in mind the surfaces that you play in. For instance, if you play on softer surfaces, such as muddy fields, you will want different cleats from those designed for dry surfaces.

Ultimately, while choosing the perfect pair of Ultimate Frisbee cleats, it boils down to the fit. Having the right pair of cleats will make a significant difference to your game.

Top 3 Best Ultimate Frisbee Cleats in 2020

We have done the due diligence and filtered out the following three cleats that are best for Ultimate Frisbee play. We composed a brief review for each model, so to help players make their decision without hassle.

adidas Performance Men’s MUNDIAL TEAM Athletic Shoe

The Turf Soccer Cleat from Adidas is one of the best cleats suited for an Ultimate Frisbee play, according to previous users on Amazon. It is made of 100% leather with a rubber sole and synthetic lining for cover. It provides both the grip and the comfort that you are looking for in an ultimate frisbee cleat.

What differentiates the Adidas Turf Soccer Cleat is its die-cut EVA insole that provides lightweight comfort. Its pre-moulded EVA midsole that provides lightweight cushioning. This, along with its Traxion outsole provides maximum grip in all directions. Adidas Performance Mundial Team Turf Soccer Cleat helps you maintain a firm footing on both hard or soft surfaces, as per the requirement of your game and takes your performance to the next level.

D Power Men’s Soccer Cleats

If you are looking for one affordable, durable and comfortable cleats for Ultimate Frisbee, the D Power Men’s Soccer Cleats is just the pair that fits all your needs. Made out of synthetic leather, D Power football cleats feature strong, durable and flexible.

D Power’s cleat provides a strong hold on different surfaces and provides maximum breathability. The EVA midsole also provides all the comfort you are expecting in a sports cleat.

Nike Men’s Mercurial Victory IV FG Soccer

If you would like one pair of soccer cleats with the elements of fashion and funkiness, Nike Mercurial Victory IV FG for men is the one that you are looking for. It is made out of synthetic material, lightweight and cushioned.

What distinguishes this Nike Soccer Cleat is its tongue-less construction that provides a locked-down fit. The embossed horizontal ridges enhance touch. The updated stud configuration of Nike Men’s Mercurial Victory IV FG Soccer Cleat achieves the ideal balance of torque and comfort. The contoured, perforated sock liner reduces stud pressure and provides low profile cushioning.

Nike Men’s Victory IV FG is one of the best Ultimate Frisbee cleats for the narrow feet. If your feet are wide and fat, this Nike cleat is not recommended for your Ultimate Frisbee play.

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