Best Boots for a Correctional Officer

Correction officers have to constantly stand and walk around, which easily results in fatigue and pain in the feet and legs.  A great pair of boots can really comfort officers’ both feet and legs and help produce better performance in a mission. How does a correctional officer choose one best pair of boots to meet or even exceed their working needs? In this article, we have done our due diligence and present users an ultimate buying guide.

Comparison Chart of Best Selling Correctional Officer Boots on Amazon

Photo Title Buy
Danner Men's Kinetic 8" Side Zip GTX Work Boot,Black,13 D US Buy On Amazon
Under Armour Men's Stellar Military and Tactical Boot, Black (001)/Black, 11 Buy On Amazon
Bates Men's 8" DuraShock Lace-to-Toe Waterproof Work Boot, Black, 12 M US Buy On Amazon
5.11 Men's ATAC Storm 8In Boot-U, Black, 9 D(M) US Buy On Amazon
Original S.W.A.T. Men's Metro Air 9 Inch Side-zip Tactical Boot, Black, 7.5 D US Buy On Amazon

Who Is A Correctional Officer?

To put it in simple terms, a correctional officer is a person who is employed to look after a jail. They will have to take care of the happenings inside the prison. These officers will patrol the premises to ensure that nothing is out of place. The safety of the entire prison is in their hands. They have to be very vigilant about all the activities that take place there. 

The correctional officers also have the power to punish the inmates,  should they do something wrong. They have to be quick on their feet both in terms of movement and decisions as the fate of the prison rests in their hands. An officer should be able to communicate effectively. They are one of the most important compositions out of the overall prison system.

What Kind Of Boots Do Correctional Officers Wear?

Best boots for a correctional officer must be up to the task, as charging in jail is quite a demanding job.  For corrections officer boots, you will have to focus on the level of comfort. You will have to be doing a lot of walking and sometimes you might also have to run.

The boots must be durable and in good quality, as officers require the best protection on their feet. One of the most common injuries that these officers tend to suffer from is a foot sprain. 

These kinds of working boots should be made of leather. The real leather has various premium features, e.g durable, breathable and comfortable as well, which can deliver maximum comfort and protection.

Best Correctional Officer Boots Top 5 Reviewed for 2020

We have done our research and checked the best selling boots for correction officers on Amazon. The following five working boots are singled out and we composed a brief review for each model. Hopefully, users can choose their own boots without any hassle after reading these reviews.

Danner Men’s Kinetic 8″ Side Zip GTX Work Boot,Black

This is not the cheapest option that you are going to find here but it is one that is worth your money. The Danner’s work boot has a rubber sole that makes you feel like you are walking on a cloud. Having full-grain leather and breathable Gore-Tex makes the boot waterproof so you do not have to worry about getting wet. As a correctional officer, you might have to wade in an uncomfortable situation and having this with you will make it a better experience. And the best part of the Danner is that you can run with it and do it with ease. It does not feel heavy and you will not be bogged down by it. 

The Kinetic outsole is going to provide you with a lot of traction so that you do not have to worry about slipping. Maintenance is a breeze as well as you can clean the leather and polish it and you don’t have to spend a lot on this. So, if you are looking for boots that do not cost a fortune and do the job, this one is for you. All of this makes this one of the best boots for working in prison.

Under Armour Men’s Stellar Military and Tactical Boot

When you hear the name Under Armour you know that you are going to be getting a quality product and that is the case here as well. Another appealing aspect of this boot is the minimalist all-black design. If that is not enough to convince you, the price alone will make your jaw drop. It is difficult to find boots at such prices; it is among the cheapest in the market. You are not going to be able to find boots that offer more at this price point. The Under Armour is very lightweight, you will not feel the strain even when you use it for a long time. 

It doesn’t take time to break them in so once you get them, you can start using them. The boots are made of 100% leather so it will last for a long time provided that you take good care of it. A real highlight here is the presence of the anti-odor that is at play here. It does not allow any odor-causing microbes to grow in the shoe. Under Armour has come out with boots that are the definition of value for money.

Bates Men’s 8″ DuraShock Lace-to-Toe Waterproof Work Boot

This is where we start getting into the premium section of these boots. You will be paying a little more here but with that, you will also be getting a higher quality product. The boots from Bates is equipped with Durashock technology that is perfect for shock-absorbing comfort. You can do all the running and walking you want, and these boots will have your back. As with any shoe fit for a correctional officer, the Bates offers resistance to all kind of slips including those that might be caused by oil. 

It is a little heavier than the other options here, but it compensates for that by offering a higher degree of support to your feet. A big reason for a lot of people choosing these boots is because they feel lightweight. Bates is known for its work in producing high-quality boots and that tradition continues with the Defender model. It is incredibly durable due to them having a material known as ballistic nylon. This is one of the tougher fabrics that are used in shoes and makes it part of the best boots for correction officers. Even if you are paying a little more, you are getting boots that are comfortable, durable and will last for a long time.

5.11 Men’s ATAC Storm 8In Boot-U

This waterproof boot from 5.11 focuses on the two most important elements that a correctional officer will be looking for: safety and durability. It is a perfect choice for the high-pressure demand for a job such as this kind of officer. The clean hassle-free design makes it visually appealing to the user. It can take on any demands that you put in front of it. Whether you are patrolling the prison grounds, or you have to run, these boots do the job for you.

A cool feature that 5.11 has decided to include is a side pocket that is hidden from plain sight. You can store a small thing in this gap, and this is not a feature that many manufacturers can claim to have. And it doesn’t matter how the working conditions happen to be, you are not going to feel that while wearing them. The combination of these factors and the lower price makes these 5.11 boots worth checking out. 

Original S.W.A.T. Men’s Metro Air 9 Inch Side-zip Tactical Boot

If there’s one feature that immediately grabs your attention is that these boots are offered at different prices. So, you can pick and choose what suits your budget. It is double stitched using triple-ply nylon that has been bonded. This gives the boots an extra layer of durability. As with all the other options on this list, the boots are made of 100% leather. The sole is perfect for the long hours that you will have to spend on your job.

The versatility that the Original S.W.A.T offers is shown by how people from different professions use their boots. It also looks stylish so you can look good while doing your job. You can ask a lot from these boots and they will not disappoint you. This tactical boot was envisioned for security personnel so you should consider them when making a decision. The Original S.W.A.T offers you all the hallmarks of a classic boot. It gives you the long-lasting life you want and added to this is the element of safety and style. You cannot go wrong when choosing these boots. 

How To Choose The Best Boots For A Correctional Officer? 

You will have to be looking at getting boots that offer you a lot of grip on any surface. The last thing you want is to end up slipping while doing the rounds of the prison. Look at the sole and the quality of it as well as the materials that are used.

Getting the right size is also important. It should be a shoe that you can break in easily. You should also be looking at boots that are waterproof because they will be helpful in your line of work. Last but not least, look at the weight of the boots. The boots’ weight can sometimes decide how easy or tough it is to use.

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