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Most of the time, white tennis shoes are making major headlines when it has to do with tennis shoes because of the bright colours worn by celebrities. The black tennis shoes are a common kind of colour for guys who wear them on different occasions. During the rainy season, black tennis shoes are important because they don’t get dirty easily compared to white tennis. Black tennis shoe matches a different kind of colours such as shirts and trousers.

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This is one of the perfect accessories for everyone to have in their collections of shoes. In addition to their darker colour, they can be worn on any kind of formal occasion. This is the reason they have stood out among other colours of tennis shoes. Black tennis shoes come in different designs produced by different brands. It is important to have an idea to know the quality of the black tennis shoe you want to buy.

Based on the shape of these black tennis shoes, you need to know the occasion you will go to. For instance, skate style black tennis shoe goes well with casual gears such as jeans, shorts, and tees. Casual black tennis shoe made of leather goes with pant trousers, fitted shorts, and chinos. When an individual can figure out the occasion they are going to wear black tennis shoes, it will help them in buying the right one.

In the footwear industry, there are lots of designers available such as Tom Ford, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton known for manufacturing office shoes. Presently, having a black tennis shoe has become one of the essential needs of people. They can be worn to the office and even to the gym during weekends. This shows the versatility of what a black tennis shoe can offer. It is advisable for buyers to go for a luxury brand of tennis shoe made from premium materials and fabrics.

Getting a luxury brand tennis shoe doesn’t require one to break his or her savings in order to pay heavily. Some of these tennis shoes in this article are easily affordable based on its budget-friendly price. These black tennis shoes are well profiled and recommendations have been made from different users. Big brands like Converse, Nike, and Adidas are on the list. There are also attractive streetwear shoes that have been designed to appear elegant. Black tennis can give one either a casual or formal look depending on how it is being worn. It is better to know the kind of tennis shoe that is the right one to buy before making a bold step

Best Black Tennis Shoes

The following are the best black tennis shoes for people to buy in the market, and here they are:

1.     Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hi:

This tennis shoe was established in Massachusetts in the year 1908. The first model of the tennis shoe was made up of rubbersole. Initially, the idea of making it was to be sports shoe, but didn’t come out on time. At a point, it was the NBA’s official footwear. The name of the tennis shoe can be traced to a renowned basketball player known as Chuck Taylor. The basketball player helped in designing the tennis shoe.

Furthermore, as time went on, other tennis brands of shoes were introduced, and this reduced the income of the company that was involved in the production of the Converse Chuck. As a result of this, Nike bought the company and increased the brand to a larger market. The black tennis shoe has gained popularity in the entire world. It comes with good high ankle support features, and they can go with different kinds of fashion because of their conservative design.

2.     Nike Air Force 1 ’07:

The manufacturer of the tennis shoe was known as ‘blue ribbon’, but they expanded and from there lots of inventions entered into the company. The company hired lots of employees, created different retail stores or outlets, and started producing Nike AirForce. It was called Nike in order to pay homage to the Greek goddess of victory. Presently, the company has been highly recognized as a big brand in the world.

Nike Air Force 1 has become one of the most appreciated models being produced by Nike. It has a sober look and can fit any occasion. In addition to this, the air cushioning inside the tennis shoe provides optimal comfort. There is a perforated pore to allow ventilation in order to avoid overheating. The shoe has been made from a premium leather material to make it durable.

3.     Reebok Workout Plus:

The producer of the shoe in the person of William Foster has changed the nature of spiky shoes worn by athletes. This is based on the reason he happens to be the founder of using spikes on athletic shoes. In the year 1979, Paul Fireman, an American businessman came across the shoe and decided to go into partnership to invest his seed capital. As time went on, the sales made from the shoe was higher compared to the initial stages.

The Reebok workout plus tennis shoe has a durability that enables the wearer of the shoe to have maximum freedom in it. Free movement in the tennis shoe has been made possible due to the low-cut ankle. These shoes are affordable for people to buy in the market than other brands. If you have a lower budget, you might consider buying this shoe.

4.     Vans SK8 Hi:

The tennis shoe came into existence through their business founders – James Van Doren, Paul Van Doren, and Gordon C. The first set of tennis shoe was produced in the year 1966 in Anaheim, California. One of the founders known as Paul Van Doren was a professional in shoemaking based on the fact he has worked for a shoe manufacturing company. If you are looking for versatility the Vans SK8 Hi is a better one.

The shoe store of this company made a huge success by manufacturing skating shoes too. They went further by going for a different niche that has not been explored, and today Vans is well known in different countries. The shoe has been highly recognized in the area of skating in the last ten years. Vans SK8 Hi is known for its affordability, support, comfort, and sleek design. The reinforcement in the shoe protects the wearer from injuries.

5.     Coal Haan GrandPro:

This is another black tennis shoe that’s doing well in the shoe business. The company was founded some years ago. Within the limited time they have been out, they have been able to manufacture high-quality tennis shoe and it is affordable. In order to make theirs appear different from other competitors, they produced their shoes in Italy. A man called Steve Madden bought the company and expanded it.

Most people have considered the black tennis shoe has a must-have in their wardrobe. As a result of the shoe been produced in Italy, it has been well-tailored both outside and inside of the shoe. The design of the shoe is simple and stylish without any kind of decoration that will reduce traction in the shoe. The shoe is durable and is good to be used on rugged terrain and also for hiking.

6.     Vans CumfyCush Slip-on:

The Vans Cumfy tennis shoe was produced using new technology. It provides more comfort compared to the Vans’models. There is a one-piece lining to the cushioning of the midsole of the shoe. The shoe has a low cut that allows for easy manoeuvring. In terms, of durability, the shoe provides is based on the canvas material. The padded collar of the shoe gives comfort, while the footbed gives shock absorption.

7.     Converse Men’s Unisex Chuck Taylor:

This is one of the best and famous tennis shoes in the footwear world. The shoe is becoming one of the top brands among black tennis shoes. There was a point in time; it was the number one court shoe, and this is arguably one of the best tennis shoes. It comes with high tops and a confined silhouette that helps it to provide a large surface area. The good thing about this shoe it can be worn by people from different spheres of work and can be styled on a casual outfit.

8.     Vans Unisex Old Skool:

This is another tennis shoe produced by Vans, and since it was founded in the year 1966, it has been well known in the world of skating. Most skaters make use of the Vans Unisex old skool. Currently, there are different kinds of accessories and apparel from this company. It will be difficult to walk on the street without seeing the Vans old skool. Having this in mind, the iconic design of the shoe emerged in the year 1977. It is durable, lightweight, and grippy based on the rubbersole to offer high traction. Some parts of the shoe are in suede such as the toe and heel.



9.     Veja:

The Veja brand is footwear originated from France, and since then it has become pronounced. The producer of the shoe has gained recognition since it was founded in the year 2013. Veja tennis shoe has been made from organic cotton and a strong rubber to ensure durability. The Veja tennis can be used in different environments and this is the reason the product made huge sales in the market.

Recently, consumers of tennis shoes have become conscious about the footwear they wear from one place to another. The black tennis shoe has a low-top silhouette that makes it work as both formal and casual outfits. It is being produced from grain-leather of cattle fed from native vegetation. The inking of the shoe is made from organic material to give it a solid appearance.


Black tennis shoe has its unique quality it offers to the wearer. Black happens to be one of the colours that match other kinds of colours, and they come in different brands. You need to know the kind of occasions you will be going to know the exact type of black shoe you have to buy. If it is going to be formal events, get the one that is going to match it.

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