Are Aldo Shoes Good?

Established in Montreal in 1972, Aldo is a modern footwear and accessories brand that is known for its affordable prices and aesthetic design. They are known to produce stylish footwear that is in line with ongoing trends and fashions. The brand has a wide array of options to choose from including the likes of trekking boots, flip flops, beach shoes and much more. Their accessories brand caters to both men and women offering options like earrings, bracelets, necklaces, hair bands and more. Aldo is also a well-known manufacturer of quality leather goods including bags, belts, shoes and more. Their premium construction materials make for a unique design that provides a comfortable fit in all weather conditions.

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Are Aldo Shoes Real Leather?

Aldo started initially by featuring faux leather products. These were extremely well made and on par with the real deal. The company decided to venture into the genuine leather products market back in 2010. They brought out their new lineup of leather bags. Since then, Aldo has used real genuine leather in their products, be it shoes, accessories or bags. The company uses a variety of skins and different tanning methods to produce high-quality leather. This leather is then treated and dried for a long period. Once the drying process is complete it is ready to be used for construction.

Are Aldo Shoes Comfortable?

The company has been designing footwear for men and women for over 5 decades. They have a reputation for producing fast-paced trendy footwear that can keep up with the ever-changing fashion industry. With a wide array of options like boots, casual shoes, moccasins, flip flops, sports shoes and more, Aldo has something for everyone. The company used high-quality materials and a padded design in all their shoes to provide your foot with adequate comfort. Additionally, the company uses breathable materials for its shoes which ensures that you never have to experience sweaty feet again. Their exceptional attention to detail in every design ensures that every Aldo shoe is as comfortable as it can be, without sacrificing its functionality. Their exclusive line of affordable leather footwear is also made with comfort in mind.

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Featuring a slim, breathable lining and a padded insole, most leather shoes from the house of Aldo provide your heel and toes with superior support over long periods of usage. This makes them an excellent choice as your daily driver weather you are going to the office or on a vacation. Additionally, their superior leather ensures that your feet are protected against all kinds of liquids and scratches which require minimal care at the end of the day.

Are Aldo Shoes True To Size?

Yes, the company uses industry standards to measure feet sizes in different countries. This allows them to offer a consistent and steady line of footwear. These are made according to the same size chart. Having every footwear manufactured this way ensures that they fit the same way every time no matter where or when you make your purchase. Although if you are switching countries and aren’t aware of their shoe sizing techniques, then it would be a good idea to refer to Aldo’s online shoe size chart that will easily help you find the most suitable choice for you.

This is an added advantage for people that are usually unable to find the perfect feet for themselves. You can easily get to know whether the shoe you like is larger or smaller on the majority of its buyers. This way you can compensate for the additional size difference when placing your order.

Are Aldo Shoes Cut Small?

Aldo uses European sizing to measure all its footwear and accordingly converts the sizes for different countries. This makes them fit great when it comes to most of Europe and American Continents as their footwear is designed with Caucasian feet in mind. Aldo shoes tend to run ½ a size smaller if you are from other parts of the world. They are usually not made with wide feet in mind, and hence they also feel a size smaller on wider feet.

If you have wider feet or are worried about the fit, then it would be a good idea for you to get a bigger size than you normally do. Either way, Aldo features a comments section on its website. This is where people that have bought the shoe will share their experience. You can always refer to the comments section. This will help you find out if most people have found the shoe to be a tad smaller or not.

Are Aldo Shoes Expensive?

Aldo is known for its affordable products that come with the latest and trendiest designs. Built with fast-paced fashion in mind, Aldo produces high-quality premium products that do not put a dent in your pocket. Their regular discount offers and stock clearance initiatives give you an added advantage if you are looking to save some extra cash on the side. This allows you to purchase new and improved designs with ease. This also ensures that you are always in line with the latest and greatest in the world of fashion. Aldo footwear provides excellent comfort and durability at nominal pricing. Their shoes can be afforded by anyone looking to up their fashion game.


Aldo is a trusted brand in terms of footwear, accessories and leather goods. Established in 1972, the brand has operated for almost 5 decades. It has climbed the ladder of success with the help of its trendy yet trustable products. Aldo features a wide array of designs for various personalities. They also cater to all ages and genders with premium quality products at affordable prices. Their use of different skins and proprietary tanning processes help the brand produce exceptional quality leather products also, be it bags, accessories or footwear. Their focus on fast-paced fashion helps them cater to the young generation as well. So if you are in the market for premium products at affordable prices go for Aldo. Aldo shoes will easily last you for years to come with the proper care.

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